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Book : Tricycle by Han Keur

BANK: NL 36 ABNA 055 694 0350 OF J.H.KEUR


The book Tricycle is not about tricycle, the bike. The book is about a city with three concentric circles, the tricycle, from the outside inwards: the links, the gardencity and the dome.

The links are the trapeziums of land where the tribes gather their food from the man-made landscape. In the Tricycle, labor and luxury increase from the outside inwards. The description of this society can be called social science fiction or a near utopia.

The book also introduces the cyclon, the newest way of producing energy without fuel, and the base of building a Flying Saucer. The book is build around this novelty. This book is special in this way. Dont be afraid, describing the Cyclon only takes half a page. This book is also special in the way it treats paranormal occurrences such as telepathy.




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