knife-fight self-defense course

This knife-fight is a one-sided knife-fight. Your hands are empty, still you have no choice but to engage in this knife-fight. Your opponent does not necessarily have a knife. The knife-fight is also against a broken bottle, a broken glass, or anything sharp that can be used as in a knife-fight. The number of casualties by a knife-fight is rising precipitously. To defend yourself in a knife-fight, that’s what this video-course is for. The knife-fight can be turned to your own advantage by the easy method of turning the knife against the attacker.
This knife-fight course has been designed by Han Keur after practicing tai chi for over 40 years.

Price: € 14

BANK: NL 36 ABNA 055 694 0350 OF J.H.KEUR

Book : Tricycle by Han Keur

The book Tricycle is not about tricycle, the bike. The book is about a city with three concentric circles, the tricycle, from the outside inwards: the links, the gardencity and the dome.

The links are the trapeziums of land where the tribes gather their food from the man-made landscape. In the Tricycle, labor and luxury increase from the outside inwards. The description of this society can be called social science fiction or a near utopia.

The book also introduces the cyclon, the newest way of producing energy without fuel, and the base of building a Flying Saucer. The book is build around this novelty. This book is special in this way. Dont be afraid, describing the Cyclon only takes half a page. This book is also special in the way it treats paranormal occurrences such as telepathy.

Telepathy is the path along which two friends, who got separated, find each other again. Telepathy and a genetic experiment play an important role in this exciting and funny story. Telepathy finds its consummation in the Double Male whose genes come from two telepathic males.

Telepathy can replace the Councillor of Control in the Tricycle. Telepathy is what makes society truthful.

The paranormal phenomena have been experienced by the author. If the Cyclon was the incentive to the book, so the paranormal was to the story. Not even all the paranormal experiences of the author are mentioned. He was born with the caul; anyway, he was very susceptible to the paranormal, but knows that if you don’t want it, you won’t get it.

Note though, that the paranormal is not supernatural; the paranormal is natural but extraordinary.

Price: € 16

BANK: NL 36 ABNA 055 694 0350 OF J.H.KEUR





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